Wednesday, February 15, 2006

brrreeeport brrreeport !

Scoble made me do this. It's an effort to gather a bunch of blogs at Technorati around the term brrreeeport. His blog is down Tue night and I'm wondering if the brrreeeport experiment has overwhelmed his server. I doubt it.

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Self Interest Part DEUX - CORRECTED!

Based on his reply and reputation as a mathemetician, the author of the of Search Index Sizes study has done nothing wrong and the study is NOT yet finished. He's removing the preliminary report from the web today but will get me the link when it's done:

Rajeev Motwani of Stanford to me on Feb 16:
This is an extremely preliminary report of our work that was only supposed to be
circulated amongst our immediate research group for their comments and criticism.
The results reported there are not yet in a form appropriate for public consumption
and definitely will change as we conduct more precise experiments ...

Just as I was validating my concerns about a self interested real estate agent protecting her commission on a home deal I came across this study of Google index sizes <<>>

According to Yahoo's Tim Converse in the cited blog, the lead author is an "early Google investor". The increasing number of relationships of academics to the companies they study , let alone may help launch, should be of great concern to those of us who'd like studies to be done in a strict and objective academic environment.

Here's my note to Stanford:

Is it true that the author of this paper is "an early Google investor"? This was reported in the comment section of this blog:

If yes he should disclose this fact on studies like this that may have a bearing on the value of Google, or is it Stanford's policy to simply overlook the relationships of professors to companies that they study?

I in NO WAY mean to suggest he's biased in this study, though the mention of "high PageRank" bias may explain Google's spectacular showing vis a vis MS and Yahoo search which are thought by most to factor PageRank (aka query independent rank) far less significantly than Google.

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v7ndotcom elursrebmem

Sure, I'm joining the fun of the v7ndotcom-elursrebmem SEO contest. I don't expect much success but I do want to explore what people are up to which is best done by ... playing the game.

I've set up a blog with that title because I think a blog post is more likely to do well than a website v7ndotcom elursrebmem entry, but I'll be linking to the blog from several high PR pages at my sites. However, Jim Westergren's doing well now at the number ONE spot with a simply subdirectory of his main, low PR site. Who'd have thought that?

The two guys I'm very interested to watch are master SEOs Dave Naylor and Greg Boser, both of whom have been known to tip a black hat or two. For me, their victory would suggest (strongly) that Google's claims about the virtues of white hat optimization are somewhat .... hollow.

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