Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Edgeio is brilliant ... and will fail.

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Edgeio is a brilliant technical idea with brilliant backers and exceptional buzz and it will ... fail.

This is a company made in Silicon Valley by Silicon Valley for Silicon Valley and it simply won't play in Peoria or even NYC.

"Ma and Pa to sell that kitchenware all you have to do is tag your blogs!"

I had a personal demo of Edgeio at the recent MashupCamp from its creator. He's clever and passionate about this very good theoretical concept of using simple blog tagging to develop alternatives to traditional listings/classifieds systems like EBAY or Craigslist. He's also got master VC dude Jeff Clavier behind him.

So how can this fail? Easy. People don't see the small fees at EBAY as a barrier to listing. It's the technology that is the barrier and unless Edgeio can build a MUCH better than current site that consolidates *existing* listings into a free format I don't see this lasting more than a year or so. I actually hope I'm wrong, because Mashups like Edgeio are a nice innovative way to restructure the web.

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WordPress vs Blogger & thank you Todd

Thanks to the advice of Todd over at his blog suggesting I change formats, and the fact that Uber Blogger Scoble switched to it I'm going to switch to WordPress blogging very soon. The biggest challenge with blogger is that you can't categorize the posts which is VERY helpful even as the author looking back to see what you already wrote.

Todd by the way, has one of the best SEO blogs out there. This is because he's one of the top SEO guys anywhere. He often speaks at conferences about "link building" and is always insightful about complex SEO topics.

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