Thursday, February 23, 2006

SONY Brain Blast ....

Wow - how did I miss this news from last April? SONY has patented a process by which impulses would be shot into the brain to enhance or even CREATE sensations including tasting and emotion. The idea is that this will jazz up the game experience. Cool.

The extension of this type of technology is taking us out of control of our own senses and placing machines in charge of that department. I think it's neat, but if I were one of those worried about Orwellian developments in technology I'd be worried....

Worried until until SONY blasted my brain with "calm down, don't worry about this, BUY SONY" impulse into my brain and I'd live happily ever after on my couch with a game console and watching SONY TV sets.

Sony's Sensory blast o matic
article in New Scientist

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