Monday, February 20, 2006


Day ONE of Mashup Camp has ended with Yahoo Martinis at the Computer Museum. They were great but I'd have to give Microsoft the kudo of the day for hosting an espresso coffee bar for the duration of the conference - outstanding and the only way I could prepare my brain to absorb the number of companies, mashups, ideas, and APIs flooding this infospace.

This open conference format is very nice. It only took about 30 minutes for the group to pull together an excellent agenda that certainly was comparable to what I've seen at other conferences, and tended to involved the audience to a much greater degree. As organizers Gold and Berlin indicated (and we all have noted) the coffee breaks and bar time are often the most productive part of a conference, so why not build the conference around this and the participants rather than hope to anticipate what they'll need/want/listen to.

I'd have pix if my Treo was synching, which it's NOT....

For details on the sessions go HERE

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