Thursday, January 26, 2006

Brief flickers 'o fame

On Tuesday I thought I was going to get quoted in none other than the Wall Street Journal, but the online story doesn't mention me at all. What am I going to tell my parents NOW!?

They still seem to wonder how I make a living online and I sure could have used the credibility boost from WSJ.

I'd been interviewed about my take on and and social networking and tagging in general because I'd blogged about how I thought they were cool, and then after using them thought they were overrated. Jessica Vascellaro of WSJ found me on technorati.

But this is some consolation - a few weeks ago I ordered a copy of David Vise's "The Google Story". I was checking out the pictures and there was Matt Cutts talking to a group at SES. Looking closer I could see.... me among the listeners.

Guess I'll just be living in the shadow of fame.

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