Friday, January 20, 2006

The USS No Privacy is sailing in a harbor near you!

ABC's coverage at Googleplex was weak tonight and Sergey Brin probably did not sway skeptics with his suggestion that we should support Google's refusal to comply with DOJ info request because we would not like the Govt sending agents to come and snoop around our house for playboy magazines. "This is Roberto Gonzales - DROP THAT CENTERFOLD and Welcome to Gauntanamo you helper of the Axis of EvilDoers!"

ABC did briefly interview the insightful John Battelle who is also hosting some of the best breaking news and info about this story at his blog. John's the best Google watcher out there and he really is the guy that seems to know....everybody!

Many are arguing, speciously, that onliners should enjoy total privacy protection.

Does Google have an obligation to turn over info they uncover that clearly indicates a plot to destroy New York? Of course they do - probably even without getting a subpoena.

The USS No-Privacy sailed years ago and we have at best only a modest level of protection. ISPs, Google, NSA, and many related entities are watching.

I'm more concerned with how this is used and establishing legal protections from unreasonable USE of my data rather than worrying about impossible restrictions on COLLECTION of my data.

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