Friday, January 06, 2006

Attention Wal-Mart bashers!

A lot of concern over this item at boing-boing suggesting Wal Mart is racist due to a recommendation that suggests an association of "Planet of the Apes" with Martin Luther King and other African American heroes.

...ONLY ONE PROBLEM... (prying the DVD from my cold, dead hands....)

As any fan of both Planet of the Apes and MLK would know, this association is reasonable and flattering if taken in the intended sense.

Yet another great example of how artificial intelligence (ie the algo choosing the similar selections) is better than human intelligence*, but we humans are just TOO STUPID TO GET IT.

The references ARE intentional, but not suggesting African Americans = Apes.

This clever algo has CORRECTLY determined that Planet of the Apes has a powerful allegorical theme suggesting that racism and discrimination are fundamentally wrong .... and that these are the same notions of ... the people on the list!

I can't wait for the computers to take over, there will be so much less explaining to do!

*Example TWO: Try playing chess against a modern computer.
*Example THREE Try playing ANY game of intellect, even those that have a large component of chance, against a computer.

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