Friday, December 30, 2005

Joe Bio

No time to blog today so I think I'll just post the bio I just sent to the excellent folks handling the Nanjing Search Conference where I'm hoping to speak in March. This way I'll NEVER lose it!

It's always funny how you focus in on some things more than others depending on your audience, mood, and other factors. It's hard to be modest and sound expert and experienced at the same time.

Hmm - maybe I should have added how I fixed my parents sump pump and garage door today just by jiggling them. That's pretty talented, no?

Joseph R. Hunkins
Age: 46
Residence: Talent, Oregon, USA
541-535-7640 (home/office)
541-324-4800 (cell)


Masters in Social Sciences. 1990, Coursework in Multimedia, GIS, and Geography.
Southern Oregon State College (Now S.O.University), Ashland, Oregon 97520.

Bachelor of Science. 1981. Majored in Botany and Psychology.
University of Wisconsin at Madison, WI.

Professional Experience 1990-2005.

Coordinated Internet marketing and multiple website development for the Southern Oregon Visitors Association, a large regional tourism promotion group covering seven counties of Oregon and over 14,000 square miles. Developed organic and pay per click search strategies for several websites.

Managed grant and deployment of statewide touch kiosk Internet system for the state of Oregon, a partnership with the Federal Scenic Byways Program, Oregon Department of Transportation, State Tourism, and the Southern Oregon Visitors Association. Developed organic and pay per click search strategies for several websites. Developed the first commercial websites for Crater Lake National Park and Oregon Caves National Monument.

Presented findings of one of the first online Internet conversion studies at the Travel Industry Association of America's (TIA) national education conference in Vail, Colorado. Has also spoken extensively in Oregon about Internet marketing strategy for the travel sector.

Board member: California Oregon Intelligent Transportation Systems project. Helped review policies and deployments of travel technology (such as road web cams) for the Northern California and Southern Oregon regions.

Winner of Oregon's Governor's Award for Innovative Tourism Development for creating the partnership and grant that led to Oregon's first state travel website "".

Owner: Joe publishes travel information at several regional and national websites he owns using promotion tools including pay per click campaigns and organic search optimization. His largest site is the Airport Directory which is currently undergoing extensive changes.

Partner in Online Highways LLC. This Florence, Oregon internet publishing company works in conjunction with two of the Pacific Northwest's leading travel magazines "Northwest Travel" and "Oregon Coast Magazine" to produce one of the most comprehensive online travel resources in the world: "Online Highways" website: In addition to approximately ten staff in Florence the project established an Indian owned and managed support office in the state of Kerala India in 2003.

Joe's work with Online Highways has been primarily in search and company strategy and online advertising development.

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