Thursday, February 09, 2006

Be Alert! The World needs more Lerts.

For a society what is the optimal distribution of "smart people" vs "creative people" vs "Lerts" vs "action people" etc?

I'd suggest in terms of innovation the number may actually be evolutionarily designed to be something like 1%. ie out of a hundred people only one of them is going to be really , really innovative.

If you have TOO FEW innovators in a society systems will stagnate, growth is hard, and perhaps most importantly the response to big changes in environment may be uninspired and thus lead to the extinction or decline of the society.

HOWEVER I think you can also have TOO MUCH innovation, leading to a glut of good but experimental ideas without enough regular steady folks to implement them.

That said, I'm not sure there are many examples of the "too much innovation" problem because we are a stupid primate and this problem of too much innovation is NOT a pressing one, especially with all the recent concerns over creationism and cartoons that sound more like those of the 12th rather than the 21st century.

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