Monday, December 12, 2005

Dad, how are they going to get the camcorder to go up your .... ?

I suggested in the last post that privacy and the internet don't really mix very well and people should stop worrying about their personal information flowing online (this is inevitable!) or getting used in murderous or malicious ways (unlikely in most cases).

In keeping with this idea I shall share something from the "that is more than we needed to know, Joe" department: A Flexible Sigmoidoscopy is not as uncomfortable as you'd think it would be! If you are putting off a procedure like this, or the more comprehensive version - a colonoscopy - don't put it off any more - early detection can save your life!

Why a Sigmoidoscopy, you ask? Because my wife was the "lucky winner" at our Unitarian Church's silent auction where the very generous Gastroenterologist Dr. Walker put up the service. "Here, look what I got for you", said Kathy. At the office the doctor walked into the exam room with a very big smile on his face "So, you are the lucky winner!".

At least he got the irony of it all.

My daughter asked this morning: Dad, how are they going to get the camcorder to go up your .... ?

I told this story to the doctor and without hesitation he said "inch by inch".

I think the field of Gastroenterology probably confers upon the practitioners a rather unusual sense of humor.

Probably an unusual sense of other things as well.

You made it this far??

Thanks for caring. Yes, I came out with a clean bill of health.

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